Interior Design

Villa DSR I Stuttgart

Originally built in 1899 by Architect A. Schellenberg, this Neo-Baroque villa is a rare gem. Already it’s location and terrain are priceless.

Taking a look inside: A place filled with history from top to bottom. The spacious staircase, wooden floors and decorative elements were carefully uncovered, restored and revived. In contrast to its historical character, we designed modern, custom built furniture and objects, accompanied by sophisticated materials and extraordinary spatial concepts. Our studio was commissioned to design and develope the ground and light plans, bathrooms, kitchens, dressing rooms (…) and curating an overall look, selecting products, colors and surfaces. Besides from the creative parts we co-worked closely with the lead architects on supervising the construction on site — taking special care to the very detail. The result is an eclectic, welcoming and generous yet cozy home with a slight touch of a boutique hotel for family and friends.

Lead Architects: Tennigkeit & Fehrle Architekten